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Walk With… LESS 17’s Zev Klymochko

When LESS 17 opened their doors a few short months ago, the avenue welcomed a new destination for minimalist menswear.  With his extensive background in snow and skate brands, Manager Zev Klymochko is setting the tone for this inspired boutique and lifestyle space, mixing longstanding labels with unique new finds. We caught up with Zev at LESS 17 to find out how he spends his day on the ave when he’s not hard at work.


Describe your perfect day on 17th:
I would probably start at Ox & Angela for brunch—the olive oil pancakes with chocolate and dulce de leche are my favourite as I’m a complete degenerate for sweets. After eating, I’d walk around and check out shops like Rubaiyat, Steeling Home, and Reid’s. Sloth Records is an easy place to pass time digging through records and listening to new music. Drinks and people watching from a patio is one of my favourite things to do. If my budget allowed that day, I’d do dinner at one of the well-known spots. Tubby Dog would be the go-to for cheap eats. Maybe I’d stick around there for a local punk/hardcore show.


Where’s your favourite spot to grab a bite?
Coffee isn’t something I regularly enjoy but I have a slight addiction to the oatmeal raisin cookies at Beano. Those cookies give me the zip I need to get through long afternoons. And I’m not giving away any secrets here, but Model Milk and Una are both top notch. Sometimes I wish they weren’t so well-known because it seems that everyone in Calgary is dining there some nights!

And when the day is done… the best place for a night out?
The atmosphere at Local 510 is great. Friendly staff and good music make it one of my favourite places to have a few drinks. On a warm night, the patio is the best place to observe interesting passers-by from a safe distance!

What’s up next for Less 1 7?
We’ll keep developing our product mix, constantly pulling new brands and categories into the shop. We pride ourselves on curating a selection unlike any other shop in the city. Whether it’s a classic brand like Filson or an up-and-comer like Palace, our customers can consistently be overheard saying things like, “Wow! I didn’t know you could get this brand in Calgary,” or, “I’m so glad you guys have this!”

Our art space, Secret Eight, will host around half a dozen installations in 2015, featuring both local and international artists. We’ve been pleasantly surprised at what a draw the space has been.


Of course we’ll keep expanding our private label offering. So far we’ve produced LESS17 caps, toques, and scarves—we’re currently in pre-production for more items, all made in North America.

For news and updates on all things LESS17, follow them below:

Facebook: facebook.com/lessoneseven


Twitter: @lessoneseven



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