Mount Royal Village Family Chiropractic

If you’re feeling achy, out of sorts, or even a just a bit grumpy, a visit to Mount Royal Village Family Chiropractic (Suite 505, 1550 – 8th St SW) will be just the thing. You’ll find their offices on the fifth floor, where natural light spills in from giant windows that offer sweeping views of the avenue. Their space is calm, sleek and inviting.

MVFC_-3This holistic, multi-disciplinary practice is home to four practitioners. A destination for wellness, Mount Royal Village Family Chiropractic is the place to go for integrated health care. You can see Dr. Patrick Maguire, (Chiropractor), Glenda Brown (Registered Massage Therapist), Sarah McCracken (Chiropractic Health Assistant & Marketing Coordinator) and Kara Lopez (Chiropractic Health Assistant & Office Manager)…or, you can see all four. In this collaborative environment, you can have your needs assessed by all practitioners for a thorough, collective review.

MVFC_-27Life is full and busy, and the MRVFC clinic wants you to feel comfortable in your day-to-day activities.  Their strategy to get you feeling healthy and vibrant is education. They offer new patient consultations to make sure you have an understanding of any issues, and new patient orientations on a bi-monthly basis, providing further self-care information.

With wellness services available to anyone at any age, MRVFC specializes in family care, and will often have the whole family in for an appointment at once. Dr. Maguire takes significant pride in his work with expectant moms, and has been able to help many moms (and their babies) have safer, more comfortable pregnancies with the help of his adjustments.


Originally located in the downtown core, Dr. Maguire and his team made the move to the Avenue over six years ago and haven’t looked back. Clients love the ample parking and easily access from the downtown core, as well as the amenities and shopping 17th Avenue has to offer.

MVFC_-22The MRVFC team are loving the Avenue, and we are loving their affordable rates: $49 for Chiropractic Care, $39 for Wellness. They are a passionate team with tons of enthusiasm and knowledge to share.

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