Humainologie | 36 Questions

Friday, March 13th

Can the connection between two strangers be accelerated by having them ask each other a specific series of personal questions? In Mandy Len Catron’s Modern Love essay, “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This,” she explains how a series of  36 questions followed by four minutes of eye contact can help us connect with anyone in a deep way.

Feel free to bring someone you’re just getting to know and try the experiment together. We have adapted the exercise enabling participants to connect with three different people (randomly chosen for you, unless you request the conversation partner you have come with) over the course of the evening through a mutual question-answer conversation followed by two minutes of silent eye contact with each person.

The questions can lead to connection, friendship, love, a deeper understanding of another person, or maybe simply a practice and contemplation of conversation and intimacy between humans. Eventbrite registration will commence in February.

1514 – 7 Street SW
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