Work Up A Sweat At Home With League

League opened the doors to its multiservice fitness studio this past summer in the heart of dynamic 17th Ave. This bespoke studio offers classes for Spin, HIIT, and Yoga taught by a crew of passionate and experienced instructors, ready to take you to the next level. Learn more about this 17th Ave fitness service, and how you can sweat at home with League during the current restrictions. 

HIIT, Spin and Yoga

League held its first official class on Sept. 12, 2020, and their schedule normally incorporates approximately three to five Spin, HIIT or Yoga classes each day, available on their website, with booking available online or through the Mindbody app. 

Their HIIT classes feature a “no bullshit” program that safely integrates both simple and dynamic movement patterns and the functionality of the entire body. The classes are taught by League’s skilled instructors, who in addition to providing motivation and knowledge, also curate rousing playlists to keep you moving throughout the class. 

Workout To The Beat

Their spin and yoga classes also feature a dominant musical component. Unlike many yoga classes you will find, League’s flow classes boast heavy beats as you practice, and in addition to the rhythm, these classes emphasize strength, flexibility, power and balance. The tunes will be flowing during your League spin class, where you’ll pedal along to the beat of the music, and grind it out during the portions of the class dedicated to upper body movements for a full body workout.

Sweat It Out At Home With League

Although you may not be able to sweat it out with your favourite League instructors at their 17th ave studio, you can join them on VOD for virtual HIIT, Spin and Yoga classes, that you can do from the comfort of your living room. These virtual classes are taught by League’s experienced instructors, and new workouts are added daily. 

This all-encompassing workout is for anyone looking for a little extra motivation, a fulfilling and effective sweat session, and a community of passionate individuals with a fervor for fitness.  Find out more about how you can get involved at, and sign up for a virtual class today. 

1463 17th Ave SW,


Facebook: @League 

Instagram: @league_yyc 

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