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17 Avenue S.W. Sidewalk and Streetscape Improvements

The City of Calgary will be completing sidewalk and streetscape improvements along 17th Ave S.W. from 2 Street S.W. to 14 Street S.W. with construction beginning in Spring 2023. This is part of the final phase of the 17 Avenue Reconstruction Project.

This project includes the completion of the following:

  • Sidewalk rehabilitation from 2 Street S.W. to 14 Street S.W.
  • Toplift paving from 2 Street S.W. to 8 Street S.W.
  • Rehabilitation of concrete tree boxes from 2 Street S.W. to 14 Street S.W.
  • General streetscape improvements from 2 Street S.W. to 14 Street S.W.

In 2023, construction will take place on the south side of 17 Avenue, before switching to the north side of the 17 Avenue in 2024. Work will also be completed in sections, moving east to west along the avenue.

Access for drivers, pedestrians and businesses along 17 Avenue S.W. will be maintained throughout construction.

For more information, visit calgary.ca/17ave. Please direct any questions to the project team at [email protected].



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