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Less is more, and way easier to clean! Spring’s well underway, so we’re looking to purge our homes, wardrobes and even cupboards so we can be more intentional, clutter free and productive in our personal space. With summer around the corner, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found at the Devenish (17th Ave & 8 St. SW) A walk through makes us motivated to reorganize and minimalize, and this one-stop-shop has everything we need to dive into a ritualistic spring-cleaning routine.


Your pre-loved finds could be someone else’s new wardrobe staple. Everyone’s guilty of owning a few items that they’ve either only worn once or worse, still has the tags on. Cleaning your closet can be a daunting task, but it sure feels good once it’s done. If you’re looking to consign your unwanted items, Danielle’s Consignment Boutique (105, 908 17th Ave SW) is a great place to start. This retail consignment outlet has been in business for over 23 years, and they’ve mastered the consigning process with an online booking system, so you can bring your unwanted items when it works for you.

“At Danielle’s, we accept seasonal items that are less than two years old and in exceptional condition. We’re extremely brand orientated, as we are always looking for trends and great quality labels for our clientele.” shares owner Danielle Hadden.

Don’t know where to begin when purging your closet? Danielle recommends removing everything, then asking yourself three basic questions, “Have I loved this piece? Have I worn this piece within the last season? Is it in need of cleaning or repair?” then placing it in corresponding piles. Once you’ve decided what you’re parting with, book your appointment. The best part? When your item has sold, you’ll receive 40% of the selling price so you can refresh your wardrobe too.

We have everything that is currently in stores, but for a better price!

Once you’ve traded in your pile of unwanted clothing for a few fresh wardrobe staples, head across the hall to Kate Hewko (106, 908 17th Ave SW), a full service boutique well known for their striking jewellery and bold accessories.

“All you need is one very unique and bold piece of jewellery. My pieces are far from basic, but they will save you the hassle of strategically layering multiple pieces of jewellery. No one has the time or space for that.” says Kate.

I create pieces that are striking, making them easy to throw on and look put together in merely jeans and a tee.

Sunglasses are also a must when it comes to summertime in Calgary, but the key is to find a pair or two that will fit your personal style, are versatile and do their job by shading your eyes. Kate Hewko offers a huge selection of well-curated styles and unique shapes that are not only affordable, but are easily used to enhance and change up your daily look. “I love having fun with sunglasses,” explains Kate. “Right now rhinestones, exaggerated cat eyes and interesting geometric shapes are trending for summer 2017.”

Declutter Your Space

Changing seasons is a perfect time of year to refresh your home. The Devenish is home to three of Calgary’s best interior design studios, all which have their own unique style and aesthetic.

With a less is more approach, Holland Design (214, 908 17th Ave SW) offers this advice to make your space dynamic and functional for your day-to-day activities. “In order to make space in your life for new opportunities, you also have to make space in your physical environment,” suggests Jocelyne Holland. “We love the principle ‘if you don’t have an intentional place to put something, then you shouldn’t own it'” adds Jaime Holland.

Use the 50% rule, no shelf or cupboard should be filled more than 50%, unless you have a very good reason for it.

Amanda Hamilton Design (205, 908 17th Ave SW) recommends sorting through your goods and determining the intention and value of each item. “Declutter and donate anything that is lacking in meaning or story that you bought on a whim and never really liked that much anyways,” shares Amanda.

Once you’ve lightened up your space, don’t go filling it back up with stuff you don’t need!

To update your home, Amanda suggests to opt for accent items like pillows, but avoid trying to be all “matchy-matchy” and aim for a variation of colour or contrasting shades. Embrace this year’s Pantone colour “greenery” and pair it with soft blush pinks and creams. “This will pull together a room and give it a look that feels fresh and minimal.” she adds.

Going with the greenery theme? An oversized palm is a great buy. “This screams sunny destination all day everyday, even if it happens to be one of those chilly spring days in Calgary.”
If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your spring cleaning, Amanda recommends checking out Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Her universal advice “Does it bring you joy?” will change your entire perspective when cleaning out your home.

When it comes to spring-cleaning, Interior Design Shoppe (110, 908 17th Ave SW) founders Natalie Brierley and Sylvie Croteau-Willard put a large focus on organization and storage. “We find that clients usually have two issues when dealing with clutter: too many belongings and a lack of storage,” they explain. Once you’ve done the big purge, if you still feel like your home is cluttered, consider what activities you’re really using your space for. If you’re still feeling limited, it may be time to talk to the pros.”

When decorating a freshly decluttered space, both Natalie and Sylvie agree that creating minimalistic vocal points with large-scale art and décor items will have the biggest impact in a room.

Large scale pieces require fewer companion items, making for a cleaner aesthetic.

They also recommend incorporating large plants or even indoor trees to add life to a space. “Not only do plants add colour, dimension and a natural component, the health benefits of the fresh air and calmness they create are invaluable.” The scale of a plant can be equal to that of a cluttered bookshelf, but more aesthetically pleasing, minimalistic and uplifting.

If you’re stuck finding a way to design your space in a way that is well organized and impactful, contact any of these firms for a consultation.

Simplify your eats

Now that your home is refreshed and organized to be more functional, its time to tackle the last spot that seems to harbor a fair amount of clutter throughout the year, the kitchen. Enter, Itza Bakeshop (908 17th Ave SW). Itza may be small, but it’s mighty in delectable offerings! Tucked away on the first floor of the Devenish, the bakery fills the halls with the aromatic smell of freshly baked bread and croissants, made daily using locally sourced ingredients by owner and baker extraordinaire, Alexandra Chan.

Keep your eats simple this spring by bringing some of Alex’s fresh baked goods into your home, making breakfasts and dinners effortless yet scrumptious. She offers a variety of croissants, quiche, challah and even pizza dough that would make a delicious addition to any meal and be the perfect comfort food for everyone to enjoy.

You can find fresh challah Fridays and Saturdays. It makes the best french toast and grilled cheese sandwiches.

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