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Support Local Restaurants on 17th Ave!

Local restaurants have reopened their patios, and dine-in services are soon to follow, which means we can finally enjoy a night out on the town sipping cocktails and munching on delicious eats while also supporting our favourite 17th Ave restaurants. If you’re trying to decide which spot to hit up first, take a look at our comprehensive guide below, where you’ll find tons of amazing restaurants and eateries located on the Red Mile – from Asian dishes to fast food and comfort eats, you’re guaranteed to find whatever you’re craving here on 17th Ave.  


Taste the Caribbean at Simply Irie, where co-owners Patterson and Fay Bruney showcase their shared 40 years of experience in the service and management industry, combined with their cultural roots to serve Calgarians authentic Caribbean dishes. 

Simply Irie 

1431 17 Ave SW, simplyirie.ca


This is a cuisine that you can enjoy just as easily on 17th Ave or from the comfort of your own home, and nothing quite hits the spot like a fresh bowl of ginger beef or Shanghai noodles once you get the craving. Indulge in authentic Chinese delicacies at Ginger Beef Express and King’s Chinese Food where you can peruse their never-ending menus, and devour all your favourite Chinese dishes.  

Ginger Beef Express

1515B 14th St SW, gingerbeef.com

King’s Chinese Food

1050 17 Ave SW, (403) 245-4623


Trio Restaurant and Café serves Mediterranean and Egyptian food, plated up on gold grills in their ambient 17th Ave café with its sunny Beltline patio, which even features furniture brought in from Egypt. 

Trio Restaurant & Cafe

1504 16 Ave SW, triocafe.ca

Ethiopian and Eritrean

17th Ave is the place to come if you’re looking to try a new cuisine – there are plenty of different cultures and regions represented in this downtown district, and we promise no matter what you decide on, you will not be disappointed. At Geez, you are privy to authentic East African flavours and Ethiopian cuisine from recipes passed down from owner Fasika’s grandmother.

Geez Ethiopian and Eritrean Cuisine

101-1235 17 Ave SW, geezrestaurant.com


17th Ave has several different Indian restaurants all boasting unique menus inspired by different parts of India, as well as authentic Indian dishes we have come to know and love so well. At Calcutta Cricket Club, one of 17th’s swankiest date night spots, you can enjoy cocktails and menu items inspired by the West Bengali region of India, whereas Moti Mahal, which was voted #4 on Food Network’s “Top 10 Most Popular Indian Restaurants in Canada,” serves up East Indian dishes. At Green Chili, you’re privy to a fusion of Indian, Nepalese, Chinese and Tibetan flavours.

Calcutta Cricket Club 

340 17 Avenue SW, calcuttacricketclub.com

Green Chili 

1434 17 Ave SW, greenchili.ca

Moti Mahal Restaurant 

1805 14 St SW, motimahal.ca

Mexican, Latin & Venezuelan

Tacos and tequila are always a good idea, and there are plenty of places and variations of these Mexican favourites to enjoy on 17th Ave. Blanco’s bustling 17th Ave patio is the perfect place to enjoy a raspberry jalapeno margarita and their classic burrito, and Chilitos selection of Mexican street food and massive servings of items like enchiladas verdes or fajitas are sure to fill you up. Tropical’s authentic Mexican dishes paired with tropical cocktails and Latin entertainment never disappoints, and Gringo Street brings Latin street food to the table with their assortment of distinctive tacos, Peruvian skewers and more. Heaven Restaurant serves up authentic and delicious Venezuelan dishes such as arepas and tacos, and the best part is, everything is gluten free. 

Blanco Cantina

723 17th Avenue SW, blancocantina.ca

Chilitos Taberna

1309 17th Ave SW, chilitos.ca

Gringo Street 

524 17th Avenue, gringost.com

Heaven Artisan Cuisine

1013 17th Ave SW, heavengf.com


1424 17th Avenue SW, tropicalon17.com


Find authentic, Mediterranean dishes such as Shawarma, Donairs, Kafta kabobs and more along 17th Ave, where regions like the Middle East, North Africa and Greece are highlighted in local restaurants. Get that Shawarma fix at Damascus Fine Mediterranean Foods, which in addition to their donair and shawarma platters, you can also dig into items like shawarma poutine. Shawarma Barlow’s menu consists of Halal Middle Eastern Food with items ranging from falafel wraps to kafta platters, which all come with sauces, seasoning and condiments that are made in-house. Family-owned restaurant Shawarma Knight, which has been serving Calgarians since 2007, is also 100% halal, and serves shawarma wraps, platters, poutine and more, all made with 100% local ingredients. And lastly Paros, which brings a taste of Greece to the Ave, serves up gyro, souvlaki, salads and sides made with locally sourced ingredients, with the exception of Greek spices, olives and cheeses which are brought in straight from Greece. Cafe Med’s 17th Ave patio is the perfect place to spend an afternoon enjoying delicious menu items such as Arabic breakfast or their mixed grilled. 

Damascus Fine Mediterranean Foods

718 17 Ave SW, damascuscalgary.com


1436 8 ST SW, parosrealgreek.com

Shawarma Barlow 

1013 17th Avenue SW, shawarmabarlow.com

Shawarma Knight 

1512 14 St SW, 403-244-3999

Cafe Med 

529 17 Ave SW, cafemed.ca

Sushi and Japanese

The variety of different Japanese and Sushi places on 17th Ave is good news if you’ve got a craving for some spicy salmon rolls or fresh sashimi. Although there are plenty of places to pick up Sushi on 17th, these restaurants all offer unique takes on Japanese dining. At Fusion Sushi, you can dig into their specialty rolls, platters and a selection of Thai food, while places like Kanpai on 8th and 5 Senses Ramen feature delicious rolls alongside other popular dishes like ramen and udon soup. At Ke Charcoal, the highlight there is anything cooked on their signature grills – although their menu is bursting with other options like yakitori and ramen. Find expertly made rolls and other Japanese delicacies such as sashimi, maki and temaki at Midori Japanese Café, or Nami sushi. And if you’re just looking for something quick yet delicious, Edo is also new to the Ave, and serving up teppan style dishes with hand-made rolls as well. 

Fusion Sushi

1137 17th Avenue SW, fusionsushi17.ca

Kanpai Sushi on 8th

1414 8 St SW, kanpaiyyc.ca

Ke Charcoal Grill & Sushi 

1501 15th Ave SW, kecharcoalgrill.com

Midori Japanese Café 

1054 17 Ave SW, midorijapan.ca

Nami Sushi & Grill 

1604 14 St SW, namisushi.ca


614 17 Ave SW, edojapan.com

5 Senses Ramen and Sushi Bar 

634 17th Avenue SW, 5s17.com

Thai Food

Experience authentic Thai food on 17th Ave at upscale dining spot Khao San Thai Kitchen, where they incorporate Thai and Western design to encapsulate the atmosphere of Modern Thailand while serving up traditional Thai cuisine, or at takeout joint Tuk Tuk Thai, where you can pick up fast but handmade Thai family recipes. Noodlebox also offers a fast casual take on Southeast Asian street food including Thai at their downtown location, all made with NON-GMO veggies, and ethically raised premium proteins. 

Tuk Tuk Thai 

636 17th Avenue SW, tuktukthai.com


1436 8 ST SW, noodlebox.ca

Khao San Thai Kitchen 

1314 17th Ave SW, khaosanthaikitchen.ca

Photo Credit: Golden Bell Vietnamese


Authentic Vietnamese dishes such as pho, vermicelli and sate beef can be found on 17th Ave at spots such at Co Do Vietnamese or Golden Bell, in addition to other classic specialties such as stir fry, salad rolls or Vietnamese coffee. If you’re looking for the always popular Vietnamese subs, Kim Anh, More Than Subs Viet Kitchen, and Thai Tai have got you covered. Either way, 17th Ave is the place to go when you’ve got a hankering for tasty and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. 

Co Do Vietnamese 

1411 17th Ave SW, codovietnamese.com

Golden Bell Saigon 

1112 17th Ave SW, goldenbell.ca

Kim Anh Vietnamese Subs

626 17 Ave Sw, kimanhvietnamese.com

More Than Subs Viet Kitchen

718 17 Avenue SW, morethansubsvietkitchen.com

Thai Tai

615c 17th Ave SW, thaitaivietnamese.com

All Day Breakfast and Lunch

The most important part of your day is breakfast, so you might as well do it right. On 17th Ave, you can find brunch at many of your favourite downtown restaurants on the weekend, but oftentimes, you need a designated breakfast joint to get you through your long workday. At Universe Restaurant, breakfast is served daily, and you can have morning classics like eggs benedict, omelettes and other breakfast specialties every day of the week. At Yum Bakery & Bistro, they combine the best of both worlds when it comes to brunch with their part bakery, part bistro setup on 17th Ave. Stock up on made-from-scratch bakery items like artisanal bread and pastries, but don’t forget to try out their all day breakfast, lunch and local coffee at their bistro before you go!

Universe Restaurant

1415A 17th Avenue SW, universerestaurant.ca

Yum Bakery & Bistro 

1006 17th Ave SW, yum-bakery.com

Fast Food & Comfort Food

Sometimes you just need a good old hamburger or something fried to get you through the week. Whether it’s out of convenience or comfort, fast food can really hit the spot, and luckily, 17th Ave has plenty of local favourites you can check out. 

Nothing satisfies quite like a good sandwich when you’re really hungry, and the Red Mile is home to the highly sought after Alumni, with their creative and hearty list of sandwiches such as their famous hot chicken, or seasonal rotations like their Kahuna burger. You can also find a long list of classic Italian sammies at Peppino, or Meltwich for cheesy grilled melts. For the ultimate indulgence, stop by 17th Ave mainstays, The Big Cheese, serving up variations of the Canadian classic, poutine, or Tubby Dog, where just as the name states, you can order big, delicious gourmet weiners. Just down the street, you will find Clive Burger, where you can satisfy that burger craving with their 100% natural Alberta beef patties. And get your fried chicken fix at Cluck N Cleaver, where everything is made from scratch in-house with whole ingredients and zero preservatives.   

Clive Burger

736 17th Ave SW, cliveburger.com

Cluck N Cleaver

1511 14 St SW, cluckncleaver.com


1610 10 St SW, meltwich.ca

Peppino Gourmet

1512 7 Street SW, peppinogourmet.com

The Big Cheese 

738b 17th Ave SW 

Tubby Dog 

1022 17th Ave SW, tubbydog.com


725 17th Avenue SW, alumnisandwiches.com


Is there anything as universally loved as pizza? 17th Ave is home Chicago Deep Dish, where you can order big hearty deep dish style pizzas, as well  Express Chicken and Pizza or Rio Pizza, both who serve thick crust style loaded with toppings – they also offer a crispy thin crust option. Una Pizza & Wine is perfect if you’re in need of a romantic date night, but you’re also ready to eat your way through several of their California-style pies and a few glasses of wine. They also have Una Takeaway next door so you can grab your favourite Una pizzas on the run. For signature Italian meals including specialty pies, check out Lorenzo’s pizzeria. 

Chicago Deep Dish

327 17th Ave SW, chicagodeepdish.com

Express Chicken and Pizza

718 17th Ave SW, expresspizzaandchicken.com

Lorenzo’s Pizzeria 

515 17th Ave SW, lorenzopizzeria.ca

Rio Pizza

1510 14 St SW, riopizza.ca

Una Pizza & Wine 

618 17th Ave SW, unapizzeria.com

Una Takeaway 

616 17 Ave SW, unatakeaway.com

Vegan & Vegetarian

We haven’t forgotten about our vegetarian and vegan friends on this list, although, these restaurants are worth checking out regardless if you eat meat or not.  The Coup has been a long-time staple for vegetarians and foodies alike on 17th Ave with their seasonal and creative veg-forward dishes. 17th Ave newcomers KB&Co and V Burger are both completely plant-based, although they serve much different menus. At KB&CO, they offer a variety of plant heavy sandwiches, soups and smoothies with lots of delicious and nutritious goodies packed inside. At V Burger, you can find cheezburgers, milkshakes, onion rings and fries, all of which are completely plant-based. 

The Coup 

924 17 Ave SW, thecoup.ca


926 16 Ave SW, kbandcompany.com

V Burger 

819 17 Ave SW, heyvburger.com

Date Night

There’s no better place in Calgary for a romantic night out than 17th Ave. You can spend the day browsing through the many local boutiques and frequenting the different spas, and then once you’re ready to share some appies and a cocktail, there are plenty of trendy and romantic restaurants you will want to check out. 

The Living Room is an obvious choice with their upscale French and Italian inspired cuisine, along with a broad wine selection. Model Milk and Pigeonhole’s chic interiors and tasting menus, along with vast cocktail selections makes for a romantic night out, and you can’t go wrong at Brown’s Social house with its prime 17th Ave location, and social hour specials. If you’re looking for something a little different, you could always hit up Comery Block for their West-Tennesse inspired barbecue and bourbon selection, or Las Canarias for Spanish tapas and Sangria. Buon Giorno is another 17th Ave staple that’s been around for decades and combines classic Italian dishes with an an intimate setting to make for the perfect date. 

Buon Giorno

823 17 Ave SW, buongiornos.ca

Browns Social House

880 16th Avenue SW, brownssocialhouse.com

Comery Block 

638 17 Ave SW, comeryblock.com

Las Canarias

1129 17th Ave SW, lascanarias.ca

The Living Room 

514 17th Ave SW, livingroomrestaurant.ca

Model Milk 

308 17th Ave SW, modelmilk.ca


306 17th Avenue SW, pigeonholeyyc.ca


17th Ave is the place to be on Friday nights with its abundance of bars, pubs and restaurants, and while you’re tipping back your favourite beverage, there is a good chance you’ll need some grub to go with it. Classic pub fare and draught beer can be found at 17th Ave’s Irish bars, Ceili’s and Jameson’s, as well as Mugs Pub. At Red Mile hot spots like Trolley 5, National on 17th and Ship and Anchor, you can enjoy tons of local beers, cocktails and various menu items like pizza, appies and weekend brunch. At One Night Stan’s and Chemical Steves, food may not be your top priority with their abundant drink and shot selection, but they do have a tasty assortment of munchies for when you need it. At PinBar, you can order from their selection of pizza, chicken tenders and nachos in between rounds of pinball and classic arcade games. 

Chemical Steve’s 

718 17 Ave SW, chemicalstevesbeerjoint.com

Ceili’s Modern Irish Pub

933-A 17th Avenue SW, ceilis.com


1230 17 Ave SW, jamesonspubs.com

Mug’s Pub 

1330 15th Ave SW, mugspubcalgary.com

National on 17th

550 17th Ave SW, ntnl.ca

One Night Stan’s 

520 17th Avenue SW, onenightstans.ca

Pin Bar 

501 17th Avenue SW, pinbaryyc.com

Ship & Anchor 

534 17th Ave SW, shipandanchor.com

Trolley 5 Brewpub

728 17th Avenue SW, trolley5.com


Another date night essential is a good cocktail spot. 17th Ave is home to numerous different restaurants, pubs and bars serving everything from shooters to wine, but these swanky spots offer something a little different. At Cleaver, they offer a menu inspired by modern Irish fare as well as an expansive cocktail list featuring nearly 40 unique and bold drinks. And you’re sure to have heard about Lulu bar’s Instagram-worth tiki tiki drinks, and island inspired cocktails paired with their selection of tasty small plates. Lounge XVIII’s combination of modern fusion dining and signature cocktails as well as daily 2-7 p.m. happy hour is another must try while dining out on the Red Mile. 


524 17th Avenue SW, cleavercalgary.com

Lounge XVII

1005 17th Ave SW, loungeeighteen.com

Lulu Bar 

510 17th Ave SW, lulubar.ca


You can’t have a roundup of dining spots on 17th Ave without mentioning dessert! If you have a sweet tooth and you haven’t checked out 17th Ave’s dessert café, D Spot, what’re you doing!? From decadent waffles piled high with chocolate and whipped cream to skillet cookies and more, this place has all of your dessert cravings covered. And of course we can’t forget to mention Ten Degrees Chocolate, 17th Ave’s very own bean to bar chocolate factory, serving up mouthwatering small batch chocolate and desserts made with ethically sourced cacao beans, and local natural ingredients.

Ten Degrees Chocolate

818 16 Ave SW, tendegreeschocolate.ca

D Spot Dessert Cafe

933 17 Ave SW #100, dspotdessert.com

New Restaurants on 17th Ave

Despite the difficult year that was 2020, this new year seems to be shaping up nicely with the addition of several new restaurants on 17th Ave! You can now indulge in Korean street food at popular new restaurant, Hankki, or hearty donairs at King Of Donair, the revered spot hailing from Halifax. Learn more about 17th Ave’s newest residents and what they’re bringing to the table (literally), here


1058 17Ave SW, 403-475-2218

King Of Donair

503 17th Ave SW, kingofdonair.ca 


1410 17th Ave, SW, chakalaka.ca

YYC Pasta Bar

1322A 17 Ave SW, yycpastabar.ca 

Citrus Lounge 

1131 17 Ave SW, 587-391-7257

Jia Jia YYC 

1033 17 Ave SW, jiajiabar.ca

Halal Guys 

921 17 Ave SW, thehalalguys.com

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