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Retail Therapy: Sloth Records


If there’s any place in Calgary that demands for us to slow it down, it’s the 17th ave staple Sloth Records (736b 17th Ave S.W.). A steep climb up a flight of stairs opens up to a haven of eclectic music ranging from records, CDs and cassette tapes (ie. the origin of the mixtape and romance as we knew it in the 90s).



The shop is bright and well organized, with row after row of new and used vinyl just waiting to suck up what used to be a free afternoon. For nearly 20 years, Sloth has made its mark in the city as a truly independent mecca of music in all forms with few limits; here you can purchase needles, cartridges, cleaning supplies, zines, shirts and turntables.


They also boast the city’s largest selection of concert tickets (minus the hefty service charges) making the shop an excellent tool for navigating great shows in the area. Sloth perfectly executes a balance between what’s nostalgic and new — it only takes a few stair steps to change up the pace.


Stay up to date on all news, events and happenings at Sloth Records by following them online below:

Facebook: facebook.com/slothrecords

Twitter: @slothrecords



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