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Refreshing Beverages On The Ave

Is it just us, or do some drinks just taste better when it’s nice out? An iced coffee hits differently when you get to enjoy it on a beautiful summer day in June or on a quaint 17th Ave patio. Whatever your drink of choice might be, you can find it on 17th Ave this Summer – from fruity teas to bold iced coffee, here are some of the best refreshing beverages you can wet your whistle with on 17th Ave this month. 

Photo Credit: Presotea


Presotea’s beverage menu offers a myriad of aesthetically pleasing options ranging from your classic milk teas, with favourites such as Earl Grey or Oolong, to their selection of fruit teas and fresh fruit slushies – perfect for a warm day spent walking along 17th Ave. Toppings like mango boba, taro pudding or black pearls are also a can’t miss addition when picking up your favourite tea. 

614B 17th Ave SW, presotea-ab.ca

Don’t Yell At Me 

Don’t Yell At Me’s creative sparkling water in flavours like mango lemon, pride mojito or salted sakura are the most delicious way to quench your thirst on a warm summer day. You can also try out their many Instagram-worthy beverages such as iced teas, a variety of caffeinated iced beverages and their assortment of TeaBubz crepe cakes as a dessert. 

620A 17 Ave SW, dyam-ab.ca

Photo Credit: Analog


Analog’s handcrafted ice teas are back for the season and available at their 17th Ave location in flavours such as their Jasmine iced tea, which features green iced tea with light floral notes and a hint of peppermint and lemon, or lemon assam ice tea, made from black iced tea, and a touch of lemon and orange blossom. These refreshing iced beverages are the perfect combination of tasty yet subtle flavours combined with a small caffeine boost. 

740 17 Ave SW, analogcoffee.ca

Photo Credit: Cluck N Cleaver

Cluck N Cleaver

Cluck N Cleaver’s Just Sweet Enough Iced Tea is brewed and bottled in house, and made from tea leaves, fresh lemon juice and is lightly sweetened. It’s also a must-have anytime you’re picking up your favourite chicken sandwich or rotisserie chicken dinner from this popular chicken joint. 

1511 14 St SW, cluckncleaver.com

Photo Credit: Element Cafe

Element Cafe 

Our favourite instagram-worthy cafe recently released their spring and summer drinks, and we’re already salivating just from looking at these vibrant concoctions. Available in flavours of mango mint iced black tea, blueberry rosemary lemonade and peach ginger iced green tea, these refreshing summer drinks are shaken, allowing the ingredients to mix better together and highlight all the intense flavours! We are already dreaming of how good these will be on the next +30 day.

331 17 Ave SW, elementcafe.ca


Philosafy’s central 17th ave location provides the perfect spot to spend an afternoon on their patio sipping on iced drinks and people watching. Get your caffeine kick with drinks like their iced Americano or an iced dirty chai, or go for something a little sweet, like their iced peach hibiscus drink. Don’t forget to try their limited edition Lavender Iced London Fog! It’s too pretty to not be delicious.

632 17 Ave SW, philosafy.com

Photo Credit: Caffe Beano

Caffe Beano 

Complete with a puppy-friendly patio, a mix of both sweet and savoury eats, and of course refreshing iced beverages, Caffe Beano has all the makings for a perfect COVID-friendly afternoon in downtown Calgary. Bring your pooch and enjoy their community-oriented patio, or grab your favourite iced beverage to go – options include everything from iced coffees to milkshakes. 

1613 9 St SW, caffebeano.ca

Photo Credit: Good Earth

Good Earth 11th Street 

Not only can you stop by Good Earth’s 11th Street location for your iced coffee and lunch on-the-go order, but they also have tons of other delicious iced beverages you need to try. Integrate a little fruit into your diet with one of their fruit smoothies, available in flavours like carrot orange or fresh strawberry, or try their mocha or vanilla cream frappes if you’re looking for something a little more indulgent. 

1502 11 St SW, goodearthcoffeehouse.com 

Photo Credit: V Burger

V Burger

V Burger recently introduced a breakfast menu and a Iced V Capp, which is a combination of their signature V Burger coffee and their beloved dairy-free chocolate milkshake. This is definitely our chosen drink of the summer.

819 17 Ave SW, heyvburger.com

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