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Walk With… Calgary Stampede Queen & Princesses

Photo: Karyn Lee Portrait Couture
Stampede Queen Danica Heath, centre, with Stephanie Patterson, left, and Shannon Black. Photo: Karyn Lee Portrait Couture

Calgary’s Stampede Queen Danica Heath, with Princesses Stephanie Patterson and Shannon Black, are three local cowgirls whose winning smiles and alluring personalities have taken them on a year-long journey of a lifetime to represent the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, to the world.

When they’re not wearing their crowns, travelling throughout Alberta as ambassadors for the Stampede’s western heritage and values, you can find these lovely ladies brunching on a patio, relaxing with a coffee, or exploring the 17th Avenue neighbourhood and all its local shops.

We took a walk with Danica, Stephanie and Shannon during Stampede 2014 to talk all things 17th Avenue.


What usually brings you down to 17th Ave?

Danica Heath: “I’m usually down on 17th Ave for dinner – I absolutely love Cibo (1012 17 Ave. S.W.). It’s such a great place to hang out and eat with friends and they’ve got a great patio space. Just the environment itself on 17th is nice, especially on a beautiful day.”
Shannon Black:
“Some of my favourite shops are along 17th Ave – I really like Gravity Pope for their shoes; a girl’s gotta have her accessories! There’s also a trendy little vintage shop that I love that’s right nearby called Used House of Vintage (738 17 Ave. S.W.). Shear Attitude (819 17 Ave. S.W.) is our hair sponsor, and we always make sure to stop by when we’re down [on 17th Ave].”

When you’re on 17th, where do you like to grab a bite?

Stephanie Patterson: “The Big Cheese Poutinerie (738 17 Ave. S.W.) next door to Analog Cafe (740 17 Ave. S.W.), or Clive Burger (736 17 Ave. S.W.), is always a treat, and always a great place to stop in.”
DH: FARM (1006 17 Ave. S.W.) is also another good spot. Such great, fresh food.”
SB: “And 80th & Ivy (1127 17 Ave. S.W.) always has a great menu and fabulous wine.”

Where else might we spot you on the avenue?

DH: “At Analog Cafe, for sure!”
SB: “You can probably find me at Cafe Beano (1613 9 St. S.W.) enjoying a coffee. I also really like to go into Reid’s Stationers (710 17 Ave. S.W.) – they’ve got lots of cool little things there; it’s always a fun place to shop.”
SP: “I’m also a big fan of Analog Cafe, especially on a nice day. It’s fun to just sit outside on the corner and enjoy your coffee or whatever pastry, and people-watch.”

Photo: Karyn Lee Portrait Couture
Photo: Karyn Lee Portrait Couture

How might you introduce 17th Avenue to visitors who are in town for the Stampede?

DH: “17th Ave is such a beautiful area and a great spot for walking around outside, so I’d definitely take them down on a nice day. Just going from shop to shop is a great way to explore and admire everything too – it’s got such a lovely atmosphere!”
SB: “It’s good to spend an afternoon down there and I’d recommend people spend some good quality time visiting. I’d probably tell them to pop into all the shops and look at everything!”

Describe your perfect day on 17th Ave.

SP: “What’s so great about 17th Ave is that there’s so many options available that you can just go from store to store. It’d be really cool to be able to go into all the shops and visit all the restaurants for a day, just to try a little something from every place.”
SB: “I would probably start my morning off right with a coffee from Cafe Beano or Analog Cafe and then hit the shops, then grab lunch or dinner at Model Milk (308 17 Ave. S.W.).”
DH: “I would do all that too, but I would start my day off with brunch at 1410 World Bier Haus (1410 17 Ave. S.W.) on the patio – they prepare such a nice brunch, and I love sitting in the sun there. I do it so often! 80th & Ivy is also one of those places with a great menu. Like Shannon said, the wine selection there is really nice, and it’s got such a great open floor plan, which is awesome for visiting with lots of friends.”

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