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Sled Island Round Up

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The time of year we all wait for is finally here! Sled Island kicked off this week and 17th Ave plays host to lots of Sled fun. Check out our round up of savings and events and plan to make 17th Ave part of your Sled Island schedule.

Home & Away
– With happy hour pricing from 3pm – 6pm daily for pass holders, a stop in or two at Home & Away will be a slam dunk.

Velour Clothing – During Sled Island, Velour will be open late until 9pm and the best part is that Sled Island wristband holders will receive 10% off! Also, catch the Flemish Eye Records pop-up all week long where you can get in some merch.

Clive Burger – Flash your wristband and get sweet deals from Clive, plus their open late to satisfy your late night burger cravings.

Una Pizza & Wine – Slinging fresh pizzas until 1am all festival long, Sled Island pass holders can save 10% off and enjoy an exclusive happy hour on Sunday, June 25th.

gravitypope  & Blackbyrd Myoozik – Show your Sled Island wristband and save! Get $10 off your purchase of $50 or more at gravitypope and 15% off regular price product at Blackbyrd Myoozik. And don’t miss CKUA Radio live on location at gravitypope featuring great live acts all week with Sled Island artists! If you’re in the area between 12-2 this week, stop in!

Wednesday, June 21
 12:30 – Marlaena Moore

Take in outdoor live broadcasts Thursday & Friday, with free ice cream provided by Fiasco Gelato, with guests:

Thursday, June 22
12:00 – Corinthian
12:30- The Garrys
1:00 – respectfulchild
1:30 – Common Holly

Friday, June 23

12:00 – The Lonely Parade
12:30 – Jom Comyn
1:00 – Altameda
1:30 – Pony

Tubby Dog – Each year during Sled Island, Tubby Dog plays host to stellar bands and throws one heck of a party. Get sweaty!

Wednesday, June 21
8pm – Ultra Gash
9pm – Feminal Fluids
10pm – Brass
11pm – Vanta

Thursday, June 22
8:30pm – Taxa
9:30pm – Tunic
10:30pm – Bog Bodies
11:30pm – PMMA

Friday, June 23
2pm – Ponteix
3pm- The Garrys
4pm – Man Meat
5pm – Shooting Guns
8:30pm – Gawker
9:30pm – Steal Shit Do Drugs
10:30pm – Deathsticks
11:30pm – Dead Fibres

Saturday, June 24
1pm – Germaphobes
2pm – Hush Pup
3pm – DJ Smoke Weed Guy
4pm – Blü Shorts
5pm – Jock Tears
7pm – Saxsyndrum
8pm – Atlanteans
9pm – Fake Palms
10pm – New Fries

Sloth Records – Celebrate Sled Island at Sloth! Show your wristband during the festival and receive 15% off everything in store. And don’t miss their free all ages in-store performances:

Thursday, June 22
1pm – Gender Poutine
2pm – Jock Tears
3pm  – Mujahedeen
4pm – Leather Jacuzzi

Friday, June 23
1pm – Motherhood
2pm – Sharing
3pm – Blue Odeur
4pm  – Silver Dapple

Ship & Anchor – Offering up an intimate environment for an eclectic array of musicians and artists and featuring one of the best stages and sound in the city is the Ship. So what better way to take in some Sled Island action than catching a few bands here.

Tuesday, June 20th
8pm – Punk Rock Bingo: Sled Edition

Wednesday, June 21
9pm – Bad Buddy
10pm – Terminal Head
11pm – Secret Guests

Thursday, June 22
9pm – Peeling
10pm – Steal Shit Do Drugs
11pm – Protruders
12am – Tyvek

Friday, June 23
8:30pm – Crystal Eyes
9:30pm – JLK & The Assassins
10:30pm – Look Vibrant
11:30pm – Once and Future Band

Saturday, June 24
2pm – Swim Team
3pm – Expanda Fuzz
4pm – Mirepoix
5pm – Figure Walking
8pm – Mulligrub
9pm – Kim Gray
10pm – Power Buddies
11pm – American Lips

Local 510 – With spots for shows both inside and out, Local 510 is a great spot to Sled your days away.  Choose the parking lot party or head indoors – either way, tunes will be pumpin’ and $3 tacos for your belly.

Wednesday, June 21

6:30pm – Husk
7:30pm – Knots
8:30pm – Wint
9:30pm – Heart Beach

6pm – We Knew
7pm – Marlaena Moore
8pm – The Garrys
9pm – Mothers

Thursday, June 22

7:30pm – Peach Pyramid
8:30pm – Sightlines
9:30pm – Glad Rags
10:30pm – Needles//Pins
11:30pm – Brass

5pm – Blue Odeur
6pm – Laps
7pm – Motherhood
8pm – Frigs
9pm – Un Blonde

Friday, June 23

1pm – Swim
2pm – Tough Customer
3pm – Ada Lea
4pm – Lonely Parade
5pm – Not You

1:30pm – Gender Poutine
2:30pm – Smokes
3:30pm – Fake Palms
4:30pm – Peeling
6pm – Gary’s House
7pm – Sightlines
8pm – Lab Coast
9pm – Pony

Saturday, June 24

1pm – Shhh
2pm – Astral Swans
3pm – Hazy
4pm – Best Fern
5pm – Summering

1:30pm – Ada Lea
2:30pm – Ora Cogan
3:30pm – Silver Dapple
4:30pm – Sianspheric
6pm – Mitchmatic
7pm – Body-Body
8pm – BB
9pm – Meatbodies

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